Closing of a Chapter

23th June 2020

Closing of a Chapter

[Update: Please note that Plentyfull’s Millenia Walk Outlet is closed. You can still have a taste of restoration at our sister concept, Plentyfull Bakery & Deli at Great World.]

A Letter from Founder, Claudia

It is with a heavy heart that we announce the closure of our Millenia Walk outlet when our lease ends in July.

We hope that we have somehow touched the community with our heart to serve you well through food lovingly prepared alongside warm hospitality. Plentyfull has been home to us and just like family, we have cried, argued, laughed and most importantly learned to ride through the tough times and celebrate the great times together.

We choose to celebrate the blessings that have come out of this circuit breaker. It warms our heart to see friends and families show their appreciation and love for each other through care package and meal deliveries to each other’s homes, and even to the frontliners that have been working tirelessly to make our country safer. We loved seeing and reading stories of people banding together to help the less fortunate and also show little acts of kindness to delivery workers that risk their health so that we get our essentials. On our part, we were privileged enough to sponsor meals to many families in need through FoodBank.

It gives us hope that there are little rainbows waiting for us after a storm. After all, that is the whole purpose of why we started Plentyfull in the first place, to bring people together through food that nourishes and restores your soul.

Looking back, we are honored to have been part of hosting birthdays, celebrations, and weddings. Thank you for trusting us with your very special life moments.

To us, food is not only a basic need but it brings people together. Plentyfull is a journey with awesome companions and great food served along the way.

Internally, the team has grown closer together and we have learned so much from each other. It warms my heart to know that we stayed true to the brand philosophy of creating a culture of honor in seeing the good in each other and pushing each other to fulfill our potential. We have taken on challenges that have pushed us to our limits like catering for the VIP suites for F1 3 years in a row, large multi-national corporations and some big brand names in fashion.

On the corporate social responsibility front, we were able to work with FoodBank and their corporate parter, Geneco, by hosting a fun gathering and tea for one of their beneficiaries being a senior citizens home. We also advocated a movement against food wastage where we took “ugly” produce and items from the FoodBank warehouse to create special dishes in which proceeds went back to FoodBank. We never intended to be loud about it and just do what we believed in, but were pleasantly surprised to find out it generated a lot of positive interest with customers and the press.

Closing our first outlet is not an easy decision, but we believe it is the right one for this season. Our lease is up for renewal in July, and given the current pandemic and economic environment, we felt it is time to end this chapter. With any challenge we face, we look at it as a prime opportunity to learn and grow from it, as well as innovate and come up with fresh ideas. As such, we are going to use this little break to re-strategize, find creative ways to pivot our business going forward and slow down to reconnect with family and loved ones. The F&B scene has and will continue to evolve. People will look at dining in and out very differently.

Though bittersweet, this goodbye is not forever. While we slowly re-focus and find a new home, you can still have a taste of restoration at our sister concept, Plentyfull Bakery & Deli at Great World. There, you’ll still find the same goodness we’ve been serving up at Plentyfull Millenia Walk but with a more casual, sunnier vibe and a different menu. Dig into daily fresh baked breads and cakes, bright salads and hearty hot mains like the Westside braised meatballs, and our beloved bubur ayam (a dish we first launched at this outlet).

Thank you to everyone that supported us throughout the years. We value and cherish you. You make everyday coming to work a joy. See you soon!

With heartfelt thanks,

Claudia – Plentyfull Founder