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A Force to be Reckoned With – Tasty Conversations with Jenny Foo

08th May 2019

A Force to be Reckoned With – Tasty Conversations with Jenny Foo

Meet our secret weapon, Jenny Foo. We would assign a role to her but really, we can’t. That’s because she’s superwoman. She’s a PA, purchaser, events coordinator, and most importantly she fiercely protects the brand and keeps everyone in line. As they say, behind every great man (or in this case, brand), there’s a great woman. Amidst Jenny’s crazy schedule, we managed to grab the multi-tasking queen for a quick chat.

1. Who is Jenny?

At work – Always up for a challenge and likes to be kept busy.
In private – Enjoys time with family and chilling with close friends.  Loves small animals.

2. How and why did you get into the F&B industry?

For my first job right after school, I worked in a confectionery company.  I fell in love with the fast paced and everchanging environment of F&B. I was intrigued by the endless possibilities, and the commitment and passion shown by the people in it.  I moved on to other F&B establishments wanting to learn more about this interesting industry and what goes on behind the scenes.

3. Most rewarding and challenging part of the job?

Challenge – The fast pace of the daily environment means that I have to constantly stay on my toes and be flexible to accept and adapt to any changes.  

Reward- The satisfaction when I help solve a problem, whether it is getting last minute stock for operations or fulfilling last minute requests from our clients.

4. Best memory of your job?

This is my first time handling event sales, so the appreciation shown by event clients really mean a lot to me.  I love that I made a difference in making their celebrations at Plentyfull memorable ones.

5. What does restoration mean to you?

Restoration means to recover.  Spending time with myself helps me to restore and arrange my thoughts.   

In the mayhem of working society, it is important to find a place to regain sanity and to recover from the stress I can continue on.  I sometimes spend my weekends without looking at my phone messages or emails just so that I have a clearer mind for the new week.

7. Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I enjoy cooking.  I sometimes cook over the weekend or on my off day for my family.  It makes me happy that they enjoy my cooking and it lets my mom have her “day off”.

8. What is your dream?

Secret dream – I wanted to move to a farm in the Irish country side to retire.

Practical dream – to have more time to travel.

9. Let’s face it. Being a woman in the f&b industry is not easy. How have you managed to balance your femininity and authority?

I am still learning about this balance, but I believe that as long as I try my best, I hope my colleagues and team will be able to see it.

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