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A Word from the Founder: Becoming a #citizenofeating

10th April 2018

A Word from the Founder: Becoming a #citizenofeating


“ A taste of restoration”. What does our tagline of restoration have to do with a restaurant?

Why Restoration?

When I first embarked on this crazy journey of wanting to start a restaurant, my friend who designed the space, found out that the word “restaurant” actually means to restore in French, from restaurer “to restore or refresh” from Old French restorer. In 1765 a man by the name of Boulanger, opened a shop near the Louvre selling meat-based consommés intended to “restore” a person’s strength.

We live in very busy times these days, overloaded with options and the need for now. Here at Plentyfull, we hope to bring back the purity of what a restaurant was meant to be – a place to refresh and restore with great tasting food.

Brand Philosophy

Plentyfull is about eating well and being connected to a community that values craftsmanship and relationships. We are committed to sourcing quality and what is best in season. To us, eating well does not need to be boring. Nutritious food can be tasty too if you use quality ingredients and take the time to make things from scratch whenever possible.

Give the time and respect each ingredient deserves and you are halfway there to a great tasting dish. Nothing wrong with using butter, salt or bacon (!) if it is good quality and from a sustainable source. Everything in moderation, I say. Be mindful of what you put into your body.

Community Spirit and Becoming a Citizen of Eating

Plentyfull is also about community and the “citizens” in it. By definition, a citizen is an inhabitant of a particular town or city. Here, our citizens are part of a movement to bring restoration back to our busy lives through food.

Just think about all the great memories created around tasty conversations – a great 1st date, reunion dinner and/or catching up with an old friend. Food and drinks are usually in the mix.

Apart from our customers, this wonderful community we have also includes the hardworking and dedicated people that tirelessly strive to plate out their best dish and serve you to their best abilities.

Our citizens are passionate in what they do, ask questions about where their food comes from, respect what nature has to offer and honor people for their strengths. Ultimately, in our little food microcosm, we wish to be a light in a city of good.

Each of You Matter

We are still very young, constantly making mistakes and learning from them. For those that have stuck around and continued to have faith in us and support us, a big “thank you”. Each of you matters to us. Truly. My hope is that as we grow together, your whole experience from start to finish leaves you with a smile on your face having had a tasty meal, good conversation and a sense of warmth and welcome.

Ultimately, restoration looks like joy!

So come join us on this journey to taste and see the good. In food, in people, in life!

Tastefully yours,



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