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Plentyfull is a place of restoration, experienced through great-tasting and honest food that is good for you, with service that embraces you, from a heart that wants to see you joyfully satisfied and restored. The all-day dual concept restaurant also features a patisserie, gourmet grocer and more to provide honest, hearty homemade meals away from home. Everything at Plentyfull is made from scratch with the freshest seasonal produce sourced from farmers and artisans locally and internationally.

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We are a collaborative community on a journey to restore spirit, soul & body. We champion, validate and inspire one another to dream again, to pursue our purpose and passions and be all we were created to be. We can’t give what we do not have so we focus on the personal restoration of our team members as a key to our success, integral to our mission and reason for being.


    Plentyfull is a journey about having the courage to dream again and seeing it come to life. To me, food is not only a basic need but it brings people together. Through food we can learn about different cultures and talk about topics close to our hearts. Plentyfull is a journey with awesome companions and great food served along the way.

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    I’ve never been in a place that so passionately loves food – all kinds! We’re not confined to any one cuisine but open to trying new flavours as long as they are delicious! We have the opportunity to work with great ingredients. Honest cooking – no enhancers – just the ingredients elevating each other’s flavour. We’re truly honest, hearty & homemade. I hope Plentyfull’s flavours will always remind people of life’s best moments.


The principles we live by in all we say and do:

Honest –
Honesty, truth and integrity are the key to the food we make, the way we serve, and how we work together.
Nothing hidden, no deceit.

Good –
Only good goes in our food. It’s also our heart to do lasting good to all whom we touch.

How we want people to feel as they
interact with us:

Embraced –
Take time to engage with people. Value them. Express care through our word and actions

Fulfilled –
Discover what matters to people in our community and do our best to ensure they leave our care joyfully satisfied and restored.

The kind of relationships we build:

Collaborative Community –
Customers, staff, vendors, partners, managers and owners working together to restore true community where all feel embraced and fulfilled.

Mutual Mentors –
Each a mentor, each a mentee. Help someone live their passion and purpose. Be helped to do the same.

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We love to see people restored to visible joy through food, service, ambience & community-culture. We’ll know we’re on the right track when people seek to be part of our community.

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We embrace good people.
Join our community, be fulfilled.



Plentyfull’s space is inspired by our vision of what a fully restored world should feel like. It should be inspiring, beautiful and free. The design is focused on providing many ways to be social by erasing the lines between formal and informal, the kitchen and the diners. The natural vegetable-dye colors and patterns inspired by nature are crafted to encourage relaxed casual conversations over a meal.