We curate culinary experiences, with amazing food and impeccable service that is sure to impress your guests and wow your colleagues.

We meet each customer to find out what their needs are, after which our team will plan a menu that is perfect for your occasion.

This ensures that not only can we meet every requirement, but the menu is perfect for your event.

Good food is at the heart of a good event. Plentyfull was started out of a desire to serve good, honest, healthy dishes utilizing only the best ingredients and prepared well. We even make our Bacon  in-house.

We take this ethos to our catering menus as well.  We painstakingly plan each menu and use the best ingredients to curate an experience that ensures that your guests will be satisfied.

1. Contact us for more information or to arrange for an appointment.

2. We  plan a stunning menu for your approval.

3. Enjoy  the food at your event as we take are of the details. 

Nothing enhances an event like really good food, and every event organizer wishes they could get well-presented food tailored to the event that their participants will love - accompanied by hassle free service and of course, a good price. But often, catering can be less hit or miss. 

We understand the frustration so we started  Catering by Plentyfull to show you that your event can have it all!

We offer a curated catering experience with good, honest, hearty dishes, designed and created in-house with the best ingredients to wow your guests, impress your colleagues and make your event a success.


Whether you are looking for a lavish buffet spread fit for royalty, or a breathtaking plated dinner or a whimsical dessert table, we can help you prepare a menu that will delight and wow your guests.

Contact us and speak to one of our catering specialists today.