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28th February 2019


Layered with French Valrhona chocolate ganache, the Devil’s Food Cake is a dense, moist and rich chocolate sponge cake. Every bite is a decadent treat—a truly luxurious dessert. Here’s the real treat: we’re sharing the recipe with you below.


23g Instant Coffee Powder
310ml Water
155g Butter
210g Eggs
190g Cocoa Powder
4g Salt
250g All Purpose Flour
7g Baking Powder
15g Baking Soda
322g Buttermilk

Chocolate Ganache:
500g Whipped Cream
400g Chocolate Converture 62%
90g Glucose

Chocolate Ganache Glaze:
300g Whipped Cream
375g Chocolate Converture 62%
60g Trimoline
75g Butter


• Boil the water and add butter and instant coffee powder mix into the water. Ensure everything is dissolved together.
• Add in sugar and salt. Ensure the salt and sugar are dissolved and continue stirring the mixture till cool. Add in the eggs.
• Sieve the all-purpose flour, baking powder, baking soda and cocoa powder into another bowl. Pour in the butter mixture and mix well till smooth.
• Add in the buttermilk last and mix well.
• Using an 8” inch cake ring mould, cover the bottom with aluminium foil.
• Weigh 200g of the cake batter into the ring mould and bake at 200°c for 15 to 18 minutes
• Once the sponge is baked, unmould the sponge, then repeat the same baking process for 4 times if you only have one mould. (4 pieces of sponge needed for the cake)
• Allow the sponge cake to cool then trim off a thin layer on top of the sponge.

Chocolate Ganache:
• Bring the cream and glucose to boil in a pot. Weigh the chocolate converture in another big bowl then pour the hot cream mix into the chocolate and mix it well and smooth.

Chocolate Ganache Glaze:
• Bring the cream and trimoline to boil. Weigh the chocolate into a big bowl then pour the cream into the chocolate. Mix it well gently and add the butter last. Mix well, gently and smoothly. (Hand blender is recommended for mixing of the mixture to avoid air bubble.)

Assembling the Cake:
• For the 1st layer of sponge, apply some sugar syrup. Then weigh the chocolate ganache at 200g, spread it on top flat and evenly. Stack the 2nd layer of sponge and repeat the process and continue with the 3rd layer of sponge.
• For the 4th layer of sponge, apply some sugar syrup and spread chocolate ganache on the whole cake to form a crumb coat layer.
• Then put cake into the freezer for 5 minutes to set. Spread the remaining ganache over the whole cake evenly, put in the freezer for 30min.
• If the ganache sets due to cold temperature, melt the chocolate ganache glaze at the temperature of 30°c, by using a bain-marie or microwave.
• Prepare a baking tray with a layer of cling wrap on it and a resting rack on top of the tray.
• Place the whole cake on top of the resting rack and pour the chocolate ganache glaze around the whole cake. Make sure all the side are fully covered with ganache glaze, and gently scrape the top of the whole cake once to let the glaze coat evenly.

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