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Recipe Highlight: Garlic Tomato Focaccia

21th August 2018

Recipe Highlight: Garlic Tomato Focaccia

Did you know that other than our hearty and wholesome restaurant dishes, you can also purchase freshly baked goods and pastries over at our deli section to take home? Our Garlic Tomato Focaccia is one of our highly popular take-home items and it is created by none other than our Pastry Chef, Sean.

Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, this Garlic Tomato Focaccia bread is perfect to accompany dinner, soups, or stew. You can even eat it on its own and taste the burst of juicy goodness from the Cherry Vine Tomatoes nestled within the dough. One bite is all it takes for you to fall in love with this!

With a few basic ingredients, you can also make this extremely simple recipe with your loved ones and have a taste of Plentyfull right at home. Do share with us your final product!

If you are curious about the creator of this recipe who is our Pastry Chef, Sean, you may check out this interview we did with him to find out about his journey so far at Plentyfull.


250g Bread Flour
2.5g Sugar
3g Yeast
7g Salt
55g Olive Oil
220g Milk
17g Tomato Paste
38g Minced garlic
10nos Cherry Vine Tomato
70g Pecorino Cheese (For Garnish)


1. Scale all the dry ingredients in a clean dry bowl. Then, scale the liquid ingredients with the tomato paste in another bowl. Separate the Cherry Vine Tomato in another bowl for later use.
2. In a shallow frying pan, sweat garlic in 20g of olive oil on slow fire setting till lightly golden yellow. Then keep a side to cool.
3. With a dough hook attachment, mix all the ingredients in slow speed except for the Cherry Vine Tomato.
4. Let it mix until all the ingredients are combined then add in the garlic last. After that, change to Medium speed and mix until the dough becomes smooth and does not stick to the side of the bowl. It will take about 10 minutes.
5. After mixing, make the dough into a shape of a ball and leave it on the table to rest for 30 minutes. Cover with plastic or cling wrap.
6. After 30 minutes rest, roll down the dough to the thickness of 10mm and according to the pan or tray you are using. Then, place your dough into the tray and let it proof for 1 hour in a 30°C – 32°C room. Sprinkling the dough with some water occasionally. Preheat oven at 230°C without fan for convection oven and 240°C top heat, 220°C bottom heat for deck oven.
7. After 1 hour of proofing, use a brush and gently brush the top with olive oil. Then, press the vine tomato into the dough in an organized line. Then, grate the top with a generous amount of Pecorino Cheese.
8. Put it in the oven to bake for 15 minutes. Turn the tray 180° and bake for another 5 to 7 minutes.
9. Finally, once baked, brush the top with more olive oil while it is hot. After that, let it cool and cut to desired portion.

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