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Recipe Highlight: Meatball Pasta

06th April 2020

Recipe Highlight: Meatball Pasta

Cook At Home with Plentyfull’s Larder Menu from $30

Get that signature taste of restoration at home with Plentyfull’s Larder Menu. This range of ready-to-cook sauces and ingredients are made with quality fresh produce without additional preservatives or colouring.

We have been asking Chef Victor for the secrets to his recipes and he has finally compromised (in a way)! Let’s get started with the Meatball Pasta!


100g Plentyfull’s Home-Made Tomato Sauce
200g Plentyfull’s Deli Beef Meatballs
180g Cooked Spaghetti
2g Kosher Salt
1g Black Pepper
30g Parmesan Cheese


1. In a pot or small pan, heat up Plentyfull’s Home-Made Tomato Sauce and Plentyfull’s Deli Beef Meatballs. (You may add a bit of stock or water to dilute the tomato sauce.)
2. Once the Meatballs are hot, adjust seasoning according to preference.
3. Toss cooked Spaghetti with the sauce.
4. Put on a plate and garnish with Parmesan cheese on top.
5. Serve & Enjoy.

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