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Recipe Highlight: Orange & Rosemerry Porketta

22th January 2019

Recipe Highlight: Orange & Rosemerry Porketta

Roast Pork is synonymous with celebrations in the Chinese culture—but what about learning about another type of pork dish, from the Italian culture?

Introducing Porketta: a quintessential Roman dish. The process of preparing Porketta is laborious: the entire deboned pig is seasoned, rolled and cooked on a pit—this meal was historically reserved for a large group. This festive season, get together with your loved ones over Plentyfull’s crispy Porketta, roasted in a skilful blend of fine herbs so that every mouthful is an explosion of aromatic flavour. Try out this new recipe and tell us how it goes!


1.5kg Pork belly
1g Rosemary
1nos Orange zest
10g Garlic chopped
7g Kosher Salt
3g Black pepper crushed


1. Lay pork belly with skin side facing you.
2. Stab the pork belly with spiked hammer evenly, if not, use knife to score lightly across the skin surface.
3. Turn the pork belly with the meat-side facing you. Season evenly with salt, pepper, chopped rosemary, orange zest and garlic. Retain some salt to use later.
4. Rolled up the pork belly and tie it like a log with the skin-side facing out.
5. Rub the balance salt over the skin.
6. Let the meat marinate for an hour then bring to a steamer to steam for another hour.
7. Cool the meat in the fridge after for 4 hours to ensure the surface is dried.
8. Put the porketta into pre-heated oven for 200 degrees for 40 minutes.
9. At the brink of the 40th minute, take the porketta out and baste with white vinegar and put back into the oven at 240 degrees for 20 minutes.
10. Once done, take the porketta out to rest for an hour and its ready for consumption.
11. To reheat, place it in a pre-heated oven at 160 degrees for 20 minutes if its whole log. If not, 5 minutes if its pre-sliced between 1cm to 3cm.
12. Enjoy.

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1 thought on “Recipe Highlight: Orange & Rosemerry Porketta”

  1. definitely I would love to try this recipe. Im a huge fan of you Chef Victor . Good luck to all at Plentyfull for your hard work and incredibly superb foods,,that I know each and every diners will delighted by your gastronomic food.