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Recipe Highlight: Pumpkin Gnocchi

20th July 2018

Recipe Highlight: Pumpkin Gnocchi

At Plentyfull, we promise you that we make our food from scratch whenever possible because we want to provide you with only the best. Our signature Pumpkin Gnocchi is a testament to our commitment to prepare quality meals from the freshest ingredients.

Using nothing else other than pumpkins, potatoes, flour and light seasoning for the Gnocchi, we elevate the simplest of ingredients and turn them into delicious and hearty dishes that you can make even at home.

So for all the fans out there of this dish, rejoice!  Here’s the recipe. We hope you gather your loved ones and try making it together. The recipe is for the sauce we use at Plentyfull, but feel free to experiment with other sauces. Go crazy and create! Food is another art form after all.

Please tell us how your creations turn out. We would love to hear from you and maybe even learn something new!



150g     Gnocchi

50g        Butter (browned)

1             Sage

50g        Fresh Butter

150ml Water / stock

60g        Sugar snap Peas

60g        Turnip

80g        Curly Kale Leaves

10ml     Lemon Juice

0.5g       Kosher salt

0.5g       Cracked black pepper

10g        Rice puff / Fried Shallot / Sesame / Sunflower Seed / Pumpkin Seed

10g        Pecorino Romano cheese

For Pumpkin Gnocchi

200g     Pumpkin

200g     Russet Potato

200g     Flour

2g           Salt

1g           Nutmeg Powder



1. Make the gnocchi first by roasting the pumpkin & potato at 160 deg C for 45 minutes till cooked
2. Working quickly while it is hot, rice / mash the pumpkin and potato, and mix the flour, salt and nutmeg powder in a stand mixer. Do not overwork the dough like bread, just make sure everything is mixed in. It will be sticky, so do not use more flour as it will make the gnocchi hard. A light touch is key.
3. Transfer the gnocchi dough onto parchment paper or cling wrap, and set aside to cool.
4. Roll the dough to a long strip and cut to size of an inch by half an inch.
5. Put the rolled dumpling into the freezer for easier handling while boiling a pot of water.
6. When the gnocchi pieces have slightly firmed up in freezer and easier to handle, drop it into the boiling water.
7. Once the gnocchi pieces float, strain it out and set aside on an oiled tray or bowl so they will not stick together.
8. Heat a pan on medium heat with brown butter and drop in the gnocchi.
9. Once the gnocchi start crisping on one side, turn the gnocchi over and drop in fresh butter and sage.
10. Once both sides are crisp, ladle in the stock and let it braise for a good minute. Put in the sugar snap peas and turnip.
11. The starch from the gnocchi will start thickening the sauce, at that point put in both vinegars and season to taste with salt and pepper
12. Stir in the kale and turn off the fire. Pour in the lemon juice.
13. Toss and stir to make sure the kale is slightly wilted & sauces are emulsified properly.
14. Scoop in into a serving bowl. Garnish with the rice puff mix & grated pecorino romano cheese.
15. For a kick of heat, sprinkle a pinch of Japanese chill powder as preferred.

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