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Recipe Highlight: The Cabonara

09th March 2020

Recipe Highlight: The Cabonara

Creamy, hearty, wholesome, satisfying – A few of the best descriptors of The Cabonara. Some believe that this dish was first invented as a hearty meal for Italian coal workers, restoring their energy for the next day’s toil.

It may be surprising to some that Plentyfull’s Cabonara is closer to the Italian version without the creamy sauce. Regardless, give this recipe a try at home and you may be surprised by it’s rich flavour!


60g Bacon / Pancetta Dice
30g Pecorino Romano
120ml Vegetable Stock / Pasta Water
170g Spaghetti
20g Brown Butter
40g Butter
2g Egg Yolk
0.5g Black Pepper crushed


10g Pecorino Romano
Crispy Parma ham
0.5g Black Pepper crushed


1. Make sure you have everything on stand by.
2. Put a pan on medium heat with bacon/ pancetta dice with brown butter.
3. Once the bacon/ pancetta fats are rendered, crack in some fresh black peppercorn.
4. Deglaze the pan with some stock/ pasta water.
5. Put the pasta into the pan, with butter & pecorino romano.
6. Swirl the pasta to ensure the cheese & butter are melted & emulsified.
7. Let the pasta rest a minute, taste if seasoning is needed.
8. Swirl in egg yolks & fold the pasta around in the pan.
9. The sauce should be coating the noodles.
10. Plate it immediately.
11. Garnish with more pecorino cheesh, crushed crispy parma ham & black pepper.
12. Serve & Enjoy.

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