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Tasty Conversations: Guerilla Coffee

09th April 2018

Tasty Conversations: Guerilla Coffee

“There’s something magical about drinking a great cup of coffee. I’ve experienced it and hope that I can now share it with everyone.”

The Man

Keith Loh is the man behind Guerilla Coffee, which is the coffee we serve at Plentyfull. We have known Keith for a long time and he is nothing short of a perfectionist when he comes across a subject he is passionate about. Just take a sip of his coffee.


This man knows coffee. Apart from conceptualising and operating numerous original F&B ideas in Singapore for over a decade, Keith is also a veteran in coffee competitions. From 2007 through to 2011, Keith placed in the top 4 positions in the Singapore National Barista Championships and won the title in 2010. He also holds other competition titles: (2010- Pura Latte Art Championship & 2013-National Cup Tasters Champion).

Wait! There is more! Keith is also an experienced coffee trainer, consultant and coffee roaster, with over 10 years of practical experience under his belt.

In 2012 Keith stopped competing and began judging in the national competitions from 2012 to present. He is well known as an active supporter and promoter of the Singapore coffee scene throughout the region.

Every morning Keith lovingly makes coffee for his entire family and credits them for helping him create coffee that everyone can love. He hopes that Guerilla Coffee will once again allow him to share and spread his passion for fresh, quality coffee.

The Coffee

Here at Plentyfull, we serve their flagship seasonal blend, Guerilla No. 1. It is a rich and complex blend with notes of dark chocolate, tropical fruit, nuts, and caramel with a balanced acidity. It is their most versatile blend and is great for strong brews and thus suitable for adding sugar/dairy.

We are thankful to be working with the Guerilla team who constantly ensure that they offer their best so that we in turn can offer our best cup to you.

If you have not already, come by and try a cup! If you are lucky, you might catch Keith from time to time doing his quality checks, being the perfectionist that he is.

Drink happy!

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