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Tasty Conversations with Ghizer

26th September 2018

Tasty Conversations with Ghizer

Her smile may have caught many eyes. That magnifying smile comes from our dear Gizher who works in our service team whose heart is just as sweet as her smile. Even on a crazy day, you will still see her keep her cool. In fact, I do not think she has ever broken a sweat despite running around!

Who is Gizher?

I am the one you can always depend on, fun to be with but emotional sometimes.
How and why did you get into the F&B industry, specifically service? 

My dad was a waiter captain on a cruise line and he traveled a lot because of it. I wanted to become like him, so when I was in college I took the food nutrition course and worked in a fast food chain as a part-timer.

Most rewarding and challenging part of the job?
I guess everyone’s job is always a challenge, but for me it’s dealing with the guest who has a bad temper. The rewarding part is that after a long, long day, my colleagues and I survived!

Best memory of your job?
One of my guests gave me a gift as a token of appreciation for my good service for them.

What does service mean to you?
Service is a passion where you can give and express how you take care of the people who you personally don’t know.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.
I don’t eat liver but I love chicken and pork intestines!

7. What is your dream?
To become a Flight Attendant!

8. Any advice for those wanting to get into the industry?
Patience is always a must! Be friendly at all times especially towards the guests and good luck!


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